About us


Packet Architects AB was founded by a team with extensive experience in designing ASICs for communication systems.
Having seen the costly development time for these types of systems and the lack of flexibility in existing IP cores led to the founding of Packet Architects and the development of the FlexSwitch tool-chain.

The Management Team

Kenny Ranerup – CEO

Kenny Ranerup served as CTO and Director of Engineering at SwitchCore. Research Manager at Axis Communications. Managing Director at Swedish LCD center. He holds four patents and has written six academic publications.

Per Karlsson – Cheif Architect

Per Karlsson is an expert in micro-architecture, power management and physical implementation. He was technical leader for the datapath at SwitchCore, and a technical leader for a succession of Digital Baseband ASICs at Ericsson

Robert Wikander – CTO

Robert Wikander is a switching architecture expert with with experience developing switching systems from a few giga-bit to multi-terabit performance. Before Packet Architects he was chief architect at the networking business unit at Realtek Semiconductor, and Chief ASIC Architect at SwitchCore. He is a lecturer in Ethernet Switch Design at LuleƄ and Lund Universities