Packet Architects develops Switching and Routing IPs for Ethernet, Fibre Channel and other packet processing technologies. Ethernet is ubiquitous in today’s communication systems, yet there are very few IP’s available beyond MAC level.This is due to the need for high flexibility at switching/routing level which makes the use of fixed IP’s difficult. With Packet Architects unique FlexSwitch technology it is possible to get an IP that exactly matches the performance/cost point targeted. Not only are parameters such as port count and bandwidth easily changed, it is also possible to change and extend the protocol processing with very limited development effort.

The FlexSwitch IP and tool chain revolutionizes how switching / routing and packet processing systems are developed.

This is accomplished by using a switching architecture that is unique in that it’s design from the ground up to be configurable in terms of ports and bandwidth. With FlexSwitch it is therefore possible to create efficient solutions for a broad range of requirements with small effort. Our flexible IP can be used for FPGA, SoC and/or ASIC implementations.

Another unique ingredient in the FlexSwitch technology is the packet processing architecture. Not only is the FlexSwitch packet processing architecture extremely flexible, it is also created automatically from a high level language description. This makes it possible to define new forwarding functions very easy. The FlexSwitch tool flow then automatically creates area and timing optimized RTL code from the high level description.[/one_half]

Packet Architects offers three types of services:

DrakpunktCustom packet processing system development. At Packet Architects we have extensive experience in developing ASIC/FPGAs for systems such as ethernet switches and routers. We offer expert services to help customers develop their own packet processing system.

With our broad expertise in both Software and Hardware we can help from developing product specifications, system architecture down to implementation, using a combination of software, processor, NPU, FPGA and ASIC solutions.

-Custom switch instances, Packet Architects can develop a switch IP from customer specification based on the FlexSwitch architecture and tool chain. Using our flexible architecture and tool chain the development cost is substantially lower than developing the solution from scratch or modifying an existing IP. The implementation is suitable for both FPGA and ASIC implementations.

-FlexSwitch Architecture and Toolchain, For customer that need to develop custom switch instances in-house the complete architecture and tool chain can be licensed.