At PacketArc we build high-performance Ethernet switch IP cores for packet based communication in FPGA or ASIC technology. All of our IPs are based on an in-house generator we call FlexSwitch. The output from FlexSwitch is datasheet, C-API and verilog source code for the IP Cores.

DrakpunktThe FlexSwitch IP is primarily designed to support Switching, Routing and Software Defined Networking (SDN) for Ethernet, but it can easily be used for any packet based processing technologies.


DrakpunktThe packet processing is developed in the PAC language. By using a custom language and an in-house high-level synthesis tool flow we achieve a quick turnaround while maintaining excellent area and performance.


DrakpunktCurrently available off-the-shelf IP is a complete standard conforming Ethernet L2/L3 switch/router supporting aggregate bandwidth of many 100 Gbit/s in a mid range FPGA, and many Tbit/s when implemented in an ASIC.


DrakpunktThe FlexSwitch IP is designed to support custom port speeds up to 1 Terabit/s. Off-the-shelf IP supports standard Ethernet speeds from 100 Mbit/s to 100 Gbit/s.

DrakpunktReference design for 8x10G Ethernet L2 switch using Xilinx Virtex 690T device is available using only a 20% of this devices logic.


DrakpunktWe offer design services to help you in designing optimal packet processing systems such as switches, routers or other packet based systems


2021 April

ASIC design win!

The first quarter of 2021 saw us deliver the first of five ASIC cores to a new customer! The five cores span a range of bandwidths and feature sets for industrial, Enterprise, SOHO, and automotive applications.


2020 December

Activities second half of 2020

The second half of 2020 was interesting times, seeing us deliver aerospace cores to three new customers! One of the cores had multiple 100G ports in a mid-range FPGA. We also did our first foray into custom protocols, with cores for a high performance wireless chipset.


2020 August

Activities first half of 2020

Late 2019 and the first half of 2020 saw us fully occupied in customer projects, some of which panned out, and others that were torpedoed by the pandemic.


2019 September

Activities in 2019-Q3

This quarter we have focused on timing optimization and hierarchy restructuring to simplify floorplanning and P&R. Therefore there are no new, cool features released this quarter.


2019 June

New IP release 2019-Q2

  • Meter / Marker / Policer (MMP) compliant with MEF, DiffServ
  • Software C-model of complete switch/router for use in software development, verification or IP evaluation.
  • C-API enhanced with functions to simplify accessing hash table entries.


2019 March

New IP release 2019-Q1

  • C-software API released
  • FPGA based evaluation platform available purchase or loan
  • Added support for Achronix and Microsemi FPGAs
  • New resource manager with queue guarantees for the packet buffer
  • Improved statistics for debugging
  • Verilator is now our main simulator


2018 October

PacketArc IP is used to demonstrate multi-threaded simulation speed-up

The impressive open-source simulator Verilator now in version 4 supports multi-threading. The developer Wilson Snyder needed a large real-world design to benchmark the performance, and we were happy to give him an IP core to play with.
And it is looking good! See slides 17 and forward in the presentation from ORConf 2018:
Verilator 4.0: Open Simulation Goes Multithreaded


2017 August

Design win: High-performance L3/MPLS router

We are thrilled to announce that in our largest deal to date our IP will be used to produce a high-performance L3/MPLS router ASIC with multiple 100G Ethernet ports!


2016 September

Press release: Cambium Networks chooses FlexSwitch IP for their PTP 700 platform

Cambium Networks and Packet Architects AB announce that Cambium Networks PTP 700 platform from will use Ethernet switch IP from Packet Architects AB.


2015 March

Elektroniktidningen: Switchar utan dödkött

The Swedish magazine Elektroniktidningen publishes an extensive article about Packet Architects.


2011 November

IDG: Lundabolag flyttar till USA

Swedish magazine covers Packet Architects.